How MORE Health Removes the Stress From the Patient Experience

June 21, 2022 by Ted Bukowski, M.Ed., CMPE

Stress comes with the territory for patients diagnosed with serious, life-threatening illnesses such as cancer. Not only is the diagnosis itself jarring, but the patient also faces the unexpected intrusions of medical appointments and tests into their schedules and the mental burden of absorbing all the information about their treatment options.

And it’s not just the patient who experiences these stressors, frustrations, and disruptions. Family members and friends frequently find themselves suffering from anxiety as well. Even employers are affected. For instance, research shows that for every 10,000 employees a company hires, the company will lose nearly $4 million annually due to lost productivity linked to workers’ medical issues. 

In other words, there’s plenty of emotional and financial stress to go around. That’s why MORE Health strives to reduce all the stressors it can for patients and their companies.

MORE Health's Methodology

MORE Health was designed to remove some of the top friction points in the diagnosis and medical treatment plan process. Our Co-Diagnosis® healthcare solutions connect a patient’s attending doctors with world-class expert physician specialists to promote early medical second opinion discussions. This creates an effective bridge between a patient’s various medical teams to avoid common concerns like misdiagnosis — known to happen in one-fifth of all serious cases — and overtreatment, both of which can make patients’ situations worse.

How does MORE Health work in practice? Take the case of Mary, a MORE Health patient relative. Mary’s husband’s health was up and down for years, necessitating trips to the emergency room and countless doctor visits. The result was tons of disparate paperwork and diagnostics. Finally, Mary’s husband found MORE Health.

“Being able to go to MORE Health and have someone else be able to pull all those records … and get them into one file, one place, and have somebody review them was a huge, huge benefit to us,” explains Mary. MORE Health gave the family detailed updates at least once a week in addition to connecting them with a leading global specialist.

“Truly exciting” is how Mary describes the patient experience of working with MORE Health. “MORE Health provides not only more health information but just more customer service for you than other companies,” she adds. “MORE Health has been so amazing for our family. I think MORE Health is going to benefit everybody.”

Many Reasons to Appreciate MORE

From all perspectives, MORE Health is transforming healthcare for patients and the employers they work for. Some of the top reasons that more companies and benefits brokers are becoming MORE Health advocates include:

1. MORE Health leverages advanced technologies.

Technological disruption hasn’t just come to manufacturing, finance, or e-commerce; it is also transforming the healthcare industry. And MORE Health is on the leading edge of medicine’s digital disruption.

The MORE Health Physician Collaboration Platform™ is a user-friendly digital space that serves as a HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant centralized repository for patient data. The platform can be used for everything from record storage to videoconferencing. Consequently, physicians can review cases from anywhere. 

The MORE Health platform creates ease and reduces stress by bypassing clunky workflows like sending faxes or emails that allow sent items to become misplaced or lost. Having everything in one clearinghouse enables it to become a one-stop clinical database to accelerate collaborative diagnosis and treatment planning.

2. MORE Health differentiates employers.

Many companies are finding it difficult to find and retain employees, and MORE Health can be used as an attractive benefits selection advantage for attracting talent. The MORE Health Co-Diagnosis® benefit gives workers access to top-level physicians from anywhere for no added out-of-pocket costs.

Unsurprisingly, this benefit reduces workers’ stress about the probability of misdiagnosis. Plus, they feel more supported by their companies — which offers peace of mind that’s hard to find and even harder to quantify.

For employers, knowing that the Co-Diagnosis® benefit is in place allows them to control medical costs through proactivity. Though there isn’t a single answer to reducing medical costs, MORE Health lessens the chance of unnecessary and invasive medical events like surgeries.

3. MORE Health is simple to implement.

Brokers and advisors who bring benefits packages and options to employers find it easy to fold MORE Health into their toolkits. They can then sell MORE Health’s benefits to their clients as part of a broader benefits portfolio.

MORE Health’s team regularly works with brokers who are encouraged to make contact via Self-insured groups and third-party administrators are also urged to contact MORE Health to learn more about the organization’s high-quality benefits.

As an added advantage, MORE Health is a partner within the VP+ bundle with Virgin Pulse, the leading global digital-first health and wellbeing company. Consequently, the MORE Health expert medical opinion benefit is available to all Virgin Pulse members whose employers contact Virgin Pulse and add MORE Health to their benefits packages.

Stress is a natural reaction to receiving a devastating medical diagnosis. Nevertheless, some stress can be mitigated. MORE Health’s innovative, collaborative, and virtual approach to diagnosis adds a level of reassurance that patients, their families, and their employers deserve.

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