Virtual Expert Medical Opinions
From Anywhere In The World
Getting an Expert Medical Opinion is
easy. Initiate anytime, day or night,
from the comfort of your home.
We give you access to the best medical minds in the world when facing a serious life-changing illness. Your health and well-being are our top priorities. We focus on patient advocacy and offer the highest level of care so you can make the best healthcare decisions. Our services are available worldwide. Whether you're facing a serious illness, surgery, or you are in search of a diagnosis, we can help.
No Appointments. No Wait. No Hassle.
We use cutting-edge technology so a leading specialist can thoroughly review your case without the
need for appointments or referrals. Both speed and accuracy are crucial when facing a serious illness.
That's why we work with the Top 1% of U.S. Physicians and provide your final report within days.
How Does It Work?
1 - Initiate
Contact us to start your Expert Medical Opinion.
2 - We Contact You
Our Case Manager reaches out to explain the process and gather medical records.
3 - Physician Selection
We select the world's leading specialist for your case.
4 - Review
The Physician Specialist reviews your case using our Physician Collaboration Platform™️.
5 - Results in Days
See your final report within 2-5 days in our secure patient portal.
Bringing You Leading Specialists
When You Need It Most
You can use our Expert Medical Opinion from anywhere in the world as an employee benefit or on an individual self⁠–⁠pay basis.
When Do You Need A Second Opinion?
  • Your diagnosis is unclear
  • You have several medical problems
  • You’re not responding to treatment as expected
  • Your doctor says your condition is rare or life‑threatening
  • You think another treatment option might be available
  • Your doctor recommends surgery or a major procedure
  • You've lost confidence in your doctor
  • You want peace of mind and confidence that you have the correct diagnosis and treatment
There's a lot to consider when facing a serious illness.
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