MORE Health’s goal is to match patients with the leading specialist with subspecialty expertise in the patient’s condition. With the patient’s treating doctors, they jointly develop a comprehensive collaborative diagnosis together with an optimum treatment plan and avoid the cost of potential complications of overtreatment and misdiagnosis.

Our selection criteria has created an exceptional network of Physician Specialists:

  • 95% have graduated from Top 20 Medical Schools, ranked by U.S. News & World Reports.
  • 99% are affiliated with top academic medical centers.
  • All have recent publication history with notable journals.
  • All have had fellowships, ranked by institution and hospital.

All of our Physician Specialists have recent publication history with notable journals focusing on their subspecialty practice. A strong publication history is the best indicator that a physician is an expert on diagnosis and cutting-edge therapies.

In addition to selection criteria, we have a Medical Advisory Board for each general specialty area who conduct annual peer reviews. At least 3 members of the Medical Advisory Board must agree that a proposed physician is worthy of the distinction of being named a MORE Health Physician Specialist.

Robert Warren
“MORE Health Physician Specialists are recruited based on multiple criteria; expertise, research, publications, institutional associations, the empathy that they express towards patients, and their ability to look at the big picture when developing a diagnosis.”
-Dr. Robert Warren, Chief Medical Consultant
Physician Collaboration Platform™
Most advanced technology platform for medical second opinions, created for physicians by physicians.
Often in today’s world, to allow another doctor to review a case, a patient’s complete medical record is printed, faxed between institutions, scanned, and reviewed as a list of unsorted PDFs. Outside of limited, special circumstances, the closest doctors come to actively collaborating is a rare phone call. A widely adopted and effective collaboration solution in modern medicine does not exist. MORE Health has solved that problem.
Physicians can schedule or attend a secure video conference with other physicians.
Physicians can accept a pending case, review case details, discuss with other physicians and then deliver a diagnosis and treatment plan.
Flow bar guides physicians through the diagnostic process.
Physicians can seamlessly collaborate with their teams.
  • User-friendly tools for physicians to effectively communicate with each other from multiple locations
  • Clinical Database, including medical history, hospital records and lab results
  • Secure, Encrypted and GDPR and HIPAA-compliant
  • FDA-approved medical images, including CT-images & Radiation Therapy DICOM, and Pathology Imaging
  • Genetic Testing
  • Translation available in 129 different languages
  • Secure discussion tools, including HIPAA-compliant video conferencing
  • Final diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Secure Patient Portal access
MORE Health Physician Specialists are associated with
top medical institutions, such as:
Case Managers

Our Case Managers provide high-touch service and walk the patient through the process. They act as the patient’s advocate and as an effective bridge between the various medical teams and the patient.

Our Team is an experienced group of individuals and more than half hold doctor level degrees (MD or PhD) in medical/bio related fields, and have graduated from top universities including Columbia, Harvard and Stanford.

Case Managers can be reached via a variety of technologies, depending on the needs of the patient:

  • Phone, fax or email
  • Web - using our patient portal
  • MORE Health app for iOS and Android smartphones