Frequently Asked Questions

For Patients

When should I use MORE Health?
Do I need my doctor’s permission to get a medical second opinion?
What do I say to my doctor?
What happens when my doctor and the MORE Health Physician Specialist disagree?
Can MORE Health help me outside the U.S.?
How do I send my medical records to MORE Health?
How do I initiate a service or access my MORE Health benefit?
How much do these services cost?

For Employers

How much does MORE Health Benefit cost to add as an Employer-Paid Benefit?
When can I add MORE Health Benefit? Do I have to wait until benefit renewal?
Do you provide educational materials to promote utilization for employees?
How does MORE Health save companies money on healthcare costs and medical spending?

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use MORE Health’s medical second opinion benefit?
What is a Co-Diagnosis?
What is an Independent Second Opinion?
What is a Physician Specialist?
Are you systems secure?
Is MORE Health HIPAA & GDPR compliant?