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Virtual Expert Medical Opinion
Your child's health is our top priority.
We focus on patient advocacy and
offer the highest level of care for the
best possible outcome.
As a parent, it's heartbreaking to see your child suffer. Is your family facing a serious illness, surgery, or in search of a diagnosis? MORE Health for Kids has you covered. We provide access to a world-leading specialist within days so you can make the best healthcare decisions for your family.

No Hassle. No Wait. No Exams.

Doctor visits can take a toll on kids and parents alike. That's why we provide an Expert Medical Opinion without the need for an appointment or referral. MORE Health for Kids is easy to use from the comfort of your home—no matter where you live.
No Appointments,
No Referrals
Results Within
Top 1% of U.S.
Available in the
U.S. and Globally

More Than A Second Opinion

Eighty-eight percent of second medical opinions result in major changes to the diagnosis or recommended treatment plan. But when your child is ill, you need more than a second opinion. It's crucial to have a world-leading expert who specializes in your child's diagnosis and treats that illness day in and day out.

We're here to give you the best and guide you every step of the way. Our Case Managers hold your hand through the process and advocate for your child's health.

Our Process Is Simple And Easy To Use

Here's how it works

  1. Our Case Manager reaches out to explain the process, then provides a HIPAA form,
    collects medical records, selects the top Physician Specialist for your child's diagnosis.
  2. Our Physician Specialist reviews your case through our digital platform.
  3. Within five days, you receive your second opinion and recommended treatment plan.
Our Case Managers are available to you throughout the process. As a patient, you have full access to your medical records and second opinion through our secure, confidential, and GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant patient portal.

We Have Options Tailored To Your Needs

Companies can provide MORE Health for Kids as an employee benefit.

You can access our service on an individual self-pay basis from anywhere in the world.