A Growing Demand for Fertility Benefits

According to a survey from The National Infertility Association, 77% of employees would stay at their company for fertility benefits—and 88% would consider changing jobs for access.

1 in 5 couples aged 30 or older experience infertility
20% to 30% of pregnancies are considered high-risk
Pre-term births cost employers more than $12 billion in excess of healthcare costs
Newborn/infant complications were among the most frequent million-dollar claims in 2021
From Planning to Post-Delivery Healthcare, We’re Here When You Need Us Most
Available as an Employee Benefit for any size group, or on an Individual Basis
Dedicated Case Manager to guide the patient through each step of their fertility journey
Advanced Fertility Services including Egg/Sperm Freezing or Donation, IVF, Surrogacy (Gestational Carrier), and Birth Tourism
Expert Medical Opinion for Infertility, High-Risk Pregnancy, Miscarriage, and other reproductive issues