Fertility Solutions For A
Healthy Reproductive Journey

When you're facing challenges in starting
a family, it can take a toll on you mentally,
physically, and financially. We can help.

Whatever your fertility journey looks like, our Fertility Care Management Team is there for you the entire way. From video consultations with leading specialists to Expert Medical Opinions for potential complications—we've got you covered.

Fertility Case Navigation

Case Managers provide an initial
consultation to review your case and
options and identify the clinics and
physicians best suited for your needs.

Fertility Care Management

Fertility Care Management starts with Case Navigation. It continues with complete management of the entire process before and during procedures.

Video Consults with Specialists

Face-to-face live video consultations with leading Fertility Clinical Specialists to address your questions and determine treatment options.

Virtual Expert Medical Opinion

Expert Medical Opinions with top specialists for reproductive health, infertility, high-risk pregnancy, or miscarriage. Results within days.

For Individuals or Companies Worldwide
Your company can provide Prodigy Fertility as an employee benefit.
You can access Prodigy Fertility on an individual   self-pay basis. FSA/HSA funds may apply.

When To Use Prodigy Fertility

  • You're not sure where to start
  • You have tried to become pregnant without success
  • You are interested In IVF, IUI, or Surrogacy
  • You'd like to wait to have a family
  • You are considering egg/sperm freezing
  • You'd like help managing all the aspects of the fertility journey

Growing Demand For
Fertility Benefits

According to a survey from The National Infertility Association, 77% of employees would stay at their company for fertility benefits—and 88% would consider changing jobs for access to them.

Companies are adding fertility benefits to appeal to the many generations in the workplace. Supporting employees on their fertility journey can improve employee health and wellbeing, reduce healthcare costs, and provide inclusive benefits for a diverse workforce.