Your Mental Health
Is Essential
The best health outcomes come from
prioritizing your mental health as much as
your physical health. That's why our
specialist network includes world-renowned
behavioral and mental health experts.
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Mental illness is the leading cause of disability worldwide

Every year, it impacts individuals—and their employers


Of U.S. adults
mental illness
each year



Of workers <34
needed help for
emotional or
mental health

The Mental Health & Wellbeing
of Young Professionals. 2023


Annual cost of
Substance Use
Disorders to

JAMA Network
Open. 2023


The cost of
depression for
U.S. employers
each year

Psychiatric Services
APA. 2014

Expert Medical Opinions for Behavioral or Mental Health

100% Virtual—Available Worldwide

We provide the patient advocacy you need
to make the best healthcare decisions. One
of our world-leading specialists reviews
your case. Then you can download your
expert medical opinion from our secure
patient portal in 5 days or less.

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Virtual Outpatient Treatment Programs

Receive comprehensive treatment for behavioral and mental health issues from the comfort of your
home. Outpatient programs can help you make sense of the emotions, behaviors, and causes behind
what you're experiencing to create a plan for lasting healing. Services address:
  • Substance use disorders
  • Emotional trauma
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Chronic stress or burnout
  • Recovery relapse
  • Co-occurring conditions

For those who require a higher level of care or have a more complex diagnosis, we can also refer you to specialty inpatient treatment programs for eating disorders, sex addiction, adolescent issues, and more.

While our second opinions are available worldwide, virtual outpatient treatment programs are available in Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Nevada, Texas, and Wyoming, with more states coming soon.

For Individuals or Companies Worldwide

You can access a second opinion for behavioral
or mental health on an individual self-pay
basis. FSA/HSA funds may apply

Companies can provide expert second
opinions and virtual outpatient treatment
programs as an employee benefit.