Here’s how it works…
The Co-Diagnosis® Process

When facing a major medical issue, we connect the patient’s attending doctors with one of our Physicians Specialists to jointly develop a comprehensive collaborative diagnosis (or Co-Diagnosis®) together with the optimum treatment plan.

Our Case Managers provide high-touch service to walk you through the process, and our Physician Specialists provide excellence in healthcare giving you peace of mind and confidence during this challenging time. We don’t delay and deliver high-quality medical second opinion and recommended treatment plan within 5 business days of receiving relevant medical records.

Employee benefit members and individuals worldwide depend on us when diagnosed with a serious illness.

The second opinion I received has changed my life. Before my organization offered MORE Health as a benefit, I was ready to give up on finding an answer for my debilitating illness. I can’t say thank you enough.
— MORE Health Benefit Member

Implications of Misdiagnosis

Establishing the correct diagnosis is the main driver of good healthcare outcomes.
Errors in the diagnostic process can have serious implications.

Up to 20% of medical cases are misdiagnosed
Up to 28% of diagnostic mistakes can be life threatening or result in death or permanent disability
Up to 88% of second opinions result in major changes to diagnoses or recommended treatments
Collaborative Diagnosis Is the Answer

Our collaborative approach to diagnosis puts the patient at the center of the process, so they can make the best decisions regarding their own healthcare. It offers all the benefits of a second opinion, while ensuring that the treating doctor and our expert Physician Specialist are both on the same page, thus minimizing errors while also resolving any potential conflict regarding the diagnosis and treatment plan.

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