3 Ways MORE Health Is Striving to Reduce Cancer’s Global Impact

July 6, 2022 by MORE Health Staff

Millions of people around the world will be diagnosed with cancer this year. About half of those patients will die. In fact, cancer remains one of the most life-threatening issues globally.

With this in mind, many patients facing cancer treatment are eager to receive critical care second opinions. That way, they and their personal physicians can move more confidently toward a successful outcome. And although getting a second opinion on a cancer diagnosis or wanting to explore cancer treatment options is normal, it can be frustrating, difficult, and costly to get that second opinion — especially from an expert doctor.

Fortunately, cancer patients who are able to work with MORE Health have fewer barriers to accessing a network of specialists and expert doctors who can provide knowledgeable insights. For instance, one patient who was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer received a remote second opinion made possible by MORE Health after not responding to his first rounds of treatment.

Because his case needed a multidisciplinary approach, he and his treating doctor sought the help of a leading expert in head and neck oncology living in another country. The second opinion gave him hope — and ultimately led to treatment more aligned with his needs. Today, his cancer is in remission.

MORE Health provides second opinions for any kind of cancer, including rare cancers. Our relationships with the top academic medical centers for cancer care and leading experts in their fields enable us to match patients with the right specialists. As a result, all parties can work as a team to develop a comprehensive, collaborative diagnosis and avoid the costs of potential complications, overtreatment, and misdiagnosis.

Not only do we benefit patients themselves, but also the companies they work for. When employers offer MORE Health as part of their health benefits, they invest in employees’ health in a powerful way and equip employees to pursue the most effective cancer treatment possible.

Following are a few key ways that MORE Health’s platform benefits both employers and the people who work for them.

1. We offer access to an elite group of cancer specialists.

Oncologists. Pathologists. Radiologists. The empathetic cancer specialists who make up our telemedicine tumor boards are second to none. Ninety-nine percent of our physician specialists have affiliations with the top academic medical centers, and 95% hold degrees from the most prestigious medical schools. Plus, we insist on working with experts whose publication history with notable journals is current and impressive. This commitment to stringent selection criteria assures everyone who relies on MORE Health that they’re getting the best of the best. And that offers real peace of mind.

2. We make it simple for employers to offer best-in-class benefits.

Approximately 1 in 3 Americans will experience cancer. Consequently, it’s important for employers to find healthcare partners focused on providing better care to ensure that their employees have the best chance possible for a full recovery and to ease company spending in the process. In the United States, employers spend about 12% of their total medical costs on employees’ cancer treatment.MORE Health complements existing health plans and can help companies invest wisely in employer health benefits to see significant savings down the road.

3. We make efficient use of technology.

MORE Health’s platform makes use of the latest technologies to bring together leading medical experts, local treating physicians, and cancer patients. Our virtual processes mean no office visits, quick turnaround times, and the ability to meet with world-class doctors anytime, anywhere. Digital advancements have moved medicine forward in so many ways. MORE Health is upping the bar even more with our innovative solutions.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be a scary, overwhelming moment for anyone. However, MORE Health is striving to reduce cancer’s overall impact by streamlining the process of getting trusted remote second opinions from expert medical specialists. To learn more, get in touch with us today.

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