MORE Health Announces Strategic Collaboration with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

San Mateo, CA, June 13, 2019- MORE Health, a global healthcare company, today announced a strategic collaboration with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK), the world’s oldest and largest private cancer center, that gives patients from across the world access to the exceptional physicians and services of MSK through MORE Health’s Physician Collaboration Platform™.

MORE Health, through its prestigious network of tertiary and quaternary Academic Medical Centers and esteemed physician specialists, delivers a sophisticated version of medical second opinion for its patients. It’s called a collaborative diagnosis (or Co-Diagnosis®).  The Co-Diagnosis® service is delivered by a full-featured, intuitive and HIPAA-compliant online platform, which empowers physicians to efficiently deliver a diagnosis and treatment plan to patients in collaboration with their treating physicians in their home countries.

“This telemedicine collaboration with MORE Health will help expand access to MSK expertise for cancer patients in China,” said Dr. Bob T. Li, MSK Medical Oncologist and Physician Ambassador to China and Asia-Pacific. “It also provides a valuable platform for dialogue between MSK and Chinese physicians, to collaboratively improve the care of patients with cancer in China.”

Founded in 1884, MSK has ranked as one of the top two hospitals for cancer care in the United States for more than 25 years and among the nation’s toppediatric hospitalsfor cancer care, according toUS News & World Report. Today, MSK is one of 50 National Cancer Institute–designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers, with state-of-the-art science flourishing side by side with clinical studies and treatment. Memorial Sloan Kettering researchers have led the way in developing new ways to diagnose and treat cancer, maintaining more than 120 research laboratories focused on better understanding every type of the disease.

“Our collaboration with the physicians of Memorial Sloan Kettering brings an extraordinary depth and breadth of experience in diagnosing and treating all forms of cancer, providing a more precise diagnosis to guide decisions on the best course of treatment, resulting in a better quality of life for our patients,” said Hope Lewis, MORE Health's Co-Founder and CEO.

Since 2013, MORE Health has helped thousands of patients around the world access care in the US. Through this partnership, their patients are able to access even more of the world’s most preeminent doctors and specialists.

About MORE Health
MORE Health, a global digital healthcare company, provides patients with access to the best physicians in the world when needed the most: when faced with a critical, potentially life-changing illness. Our collaborative approach to diagnosis puts the patient at the center of the process – empowering them to make informed decisions regarding their own healthcare. Offering all of the benefits of a second opinion, we ensure that the attending doctor and our expert physician specialist are aligned by jointly developing a diagnosis and treatment plan on our proprietary, cloud-based and HIPAA-compliant Physician Collaboration Platform, thus minimizing errors while also resolving potential conflicts regarding the diagnosis and treatment plan development. More at https://morehealth.com.