MORE Health Announces Strategic Collaboration with Beijing Henghe Hospital

San Mateo, CA, May 7, 2019 – MORE Health, a global digital healthcare company, announced a strategic collaboration with Beijing Henghe Hospital.

MORE Health has a prestigious network of tertiary and quaternary Academic Medical Centers and esteemed physician specialists in the United States that focus on critical, life-changing illnesses.MORE Health is dedicated to providing telemedicine services and helping patients around the world access care in the U.S.

Beijing Henghe Hospital, a private comprehensive hospital with quality service and the top physicians in China, has more than 10 medical centers specializing in oncology, internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, breast cancer surgery and rehabilitation.

Going forward, MORE Health will collaborate with Henghe Hospital on multiple levels, including resource integration, technology sharing and drawing on each other’s strengths to bring the world’s top diagnosis and treatment service to Chinese patients together.

Telemedicine rooted in China
As a global telemedicine company, MORE Health has a network of over 700 of the top 1% of physicians and specialists in the U.S. and has established strategic collaborations with more than 30 1st-tier Class A hospitals in China. Chinese patients can enjoy Co-Diagnosis®and second-opinion services from the world’s best healthcare resources through MORE Health’s intuitive and HIPAA-compliant online platform, which empowers physicians to efficiently deliver a diagnosis and treatment plan to patients in collaboration with their treating physicians in their home countrieswithout the hassle of long distance travel and eliminates time waste and unnecessary expenditure.

This collaboration with Henghe Hospital is the “icing on the cake”. With MORE Health’s developed telemedicine system, this new cooperation module will integrate MORE Health’s services into the top hospitals in China, a critical part in the strategic growth and development of MORE Health.

Multidisciplinary Co-Diagnosis®globalization with the help of American Top Physicians Specialists.
Multidisciplinary Co-Diagnosis®is the current trend of oncology treatment in the world. Beijing Henghe Hospital oncology centers share the same philosophy of multidisciplinary Co-Diagnosis, providing comprehensive treatments for cancer patients.

By utilizing MORE Health’s abundant resources of physicians and specialists, Henghe’s current multidisciplinary diagnosis model will have a boost in development, being tailored to meet international standards. With the support of MORE Health’s Physician Collaboration Platform and healthcare resources, Henghe Hospital will bring a more comprehensive, objective and personalized China-US Co-Diagnosis service, in addition to an advanced oncology rehabilitation service to Chinese patients.

MORE Health and Henghe Hospital are building a higher standard quality international oncology center jointly.
The collaboration of MORE Health and Henghe Hospital is a combination of soft power and physical entities and is an integration and relocation of valuable resources of both sides.

The two sides will put their efforts into promoting multi-facial collaborations between Chinese and American oncologists in academic consulting, research achievements and medical technologies. Henghe Hospital will introduce the latest oncology treatment concepts and the most advanced treatment technologies into China, creating a China-US high-end “Henghe-MORE Health” oncology center. This center will also serve as an oncology academic center for up-do-date technology communication and a hub to tackle difficult and rare cases, and eventually benefit Chinese oncology patients.

Formed a closed-circuit management of treatment service
A complete and comprehensive healthcare service starts from diagnosis and ends with rehabilitation and future follow up. This strategic collaboration will improve the closed-circuit treatment service from initial diagnosis, multidisciplinary consultation, treatment implementation in China, overseas treatment, follow-up service after the patient goes back to China and future healthcare management. Based on this collaboration model, Chinese patients can receive treatment or rehabilitation at the “Henghe-MORE Oncology Center” after the telemedicine service or overseas treatments. This closed-circuit service covers the entire care process for oncology patients, minimizes treatment fragmentations and repetitive treatment, reduces healthcare expenditure, improves treatment quality and optimizes treatment outcome for patients.

Guangming Li, President of Beijing Henghe Hospital and Alexis Grolin, Board Member of MORE Health and Executive Director of Crehol (China) signed the agreement on behalf of both parties. Professor Xiaodong He from the General Surgical Department, Peking Union Medical College Hospital; Professor Shuqing Jiang from Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Professor Xiaodong Shi form the Department of Hematology of Capital Institute Affiliated Children’s Hospital of Pediatrics; and Professor Huizhang Li from the Department of Radiology of Beijing Hospital were invited to attend the signing ceremony.

Dr. Robert Warren, Chief Medical Consultant of MORE Health and Director of Surgical Oncology Lab at UCSF Medical Center; Dr. Marc Shuman, professor and Chief of Division Hematology & Oncology at UCSF; Dr. Lucci, Director of Breast Surgical Oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center; Dr. Aria F. Olumi, Director of Surgery at Harvard Medical School and Joint Director of the Genitourinary Oncology Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital; Dr. Chabot, Vice President of Columbia Medical Center and Executive Director of the Pancreas Center at New York Presbyterian/Columbia; and Dr. Max Wintermark, Professor and Chief of Neuroradiology Department at Stanford University all send their congratulations to the formal collaboration between MORE Health and Henghe Hospital through remote connection. They highly recognize the positive significance of this collaboration, especially for academic exchange between China and the U.S. They also look forward to seeing a healthier, more authoritative and professional healthcare environment for patients with serious illness in China and across the globe.