Allay partners with MORE Health to provide medical second opinion benefit plans to its insurance consultants

May 21, 2019 – A partnership between Allay and MORE Health, a medical second opinion and collaborative diagnosis service, now offers an indispensable medical opportunity for benefit consultants using Allay’s online platform. 

Allay’s online platform makes it easy for benefit consultants to evaluate and underwrite all types of self-funded health plans. With MORE Health as a new product offering in Allay’s platform, clients who enroll their employees with the MORE Health service can now receive easy access to a second opinion when faced with making decisions regarding a serious, life-changing illness. 

Allay is excited to partner with MORE Health to provide this phenomenal benefit and service to its clients.

When benefits advisors use Allay to create self-funded health plans, adding MORE Health is a great way to mitigate wasted health care dollars. CEO and founder Julien Emery from Allay says, “MORE Health fits right into our core objective of trying to reduce the unit cost of care by ensuring the right care is delivered at the right time.” 

Not just a second opinion service, MORE Health offers a collaborative approach to diagnosis to deliver the most effective treatment plan possible. MORE Health connects the patient’s attending doctors with one of their exceptional Physician Specialists to jointly develop a comprehensive collaborative diagnosis together with the optimum treatment plan. Patients don’t have to worry about interpreting multiple diagnoses, or sorting through competing treatment strategies, which provides peace of mind in critical situations. Sensitive to the need for a speedy resolution, MORE Health guarantees delivery of this service within 5 business days of receiving the relevant medical records.

In times of medical crisis, patients often have to advocate for themselves, and navigate the complicated medical system, insurance quagmire, and treatment options alone during a time of physical illness and emotional turbulence. MORE Health ensures that patients have the correct diagnosis, minimizing any chance of error, and allows them to understand the best possible treatment options before making a decision on the best path forward, giving patients the peace of mind, they so desperately need.

“Our partnership with Allay will give insurance professionals working in the self-funded and stop loss markets a simple and fast method of preparing plans that integrate the MORE Health program seamlessly with those plans.” says Greg Smith, MORE Health’s Regional Vice President.

Watch a quick video to learn about The MORE Health Experience

About Allay:
Allay is a technology platform that makes it easy for benefit consultants to model and quote all types of self-funded health plans. Allay is built by software engineers, designers, and insurance experts in order to help benefit consultants achieve major cost reductions for their clients while spending half the time and money to get there. Rather than hiring a team of in house health actuaries, Allay’s online platform will let you easily model out various self-funding strategies (captives, level funding, or traditional), understand a group’s risk, customize plan designs and plan components, and secure competitive stop loss coverage to match the plan designs. Learn more at http://try.allay.io/allay-more-health/.

About MORE Health:
MORE Health, a global digital healthcare company, provides patients with access to the best physicians in the world when needed the most: when faced with a critical, potentially life-changing illness. We put the patient at the center of the process – empowering them to make informed decisions regarding their own healthcare. Offering all of the benefits of a second opinion, we ensure that the attending doctor and our expert physician specialist are aligned by jointly developing a diagnosis and treatment plan on the company’s proprietary, cloud-based and HIPAA-compliant Physician Collaboration Platform, thus minimizing errors while also resolving potential conflicts regarding the diagnosis and treatment plan development. Learn more at www.morehealth.com.