Gotodoctor Partners with MORE Health to Deliver Quick Access to Leading Specialists Through Remote Second Opinions

Ontario, Canada and San Mateo, California, USA – June 21, 2023 — Gotodoctor.ca, a leading Canadian provider of virtual healthcare services, announced today it has partnered with MORE Health, a leader in digital health solutions, to deliver expert second medical opinions in Canada to members, employers, and insurance providers. 

MORE Health provides users and their family members quick access to the best medical minds in the world when faced with a serious illness, diagnosis, or surgery. The company’s expert medical second opinion is now available through Gotodoctor.ca’s unique service network across Canada.

Delivering world-class service, MORE Health Case Managers walk the patient through each step of the process. First, they connect the patient’s case and medical records with the leading U.S. specialist for the diagnosis. Then, within five days, patients and their treating doctors receive a final report that provides patient advocacy to help make the right healthcare decisions for the best possible health outcome. 

“As a global digital health company, we specialize in providing quick access to top specialists to improve patients' health worldwide,” said Ted Bukowski, Executive Vice President, and Chief Revenue Officer at MORE Health. “We look to work with partners that share our mission to improve access and patient advocacy, which is why we are excited to collaborate with Gotodoctor’s network and extend our virtual expert medical opinion services to their clients and partners in Canada.” 

Gotodoctor.ca is a leading healthcare solution company that provides innovative and sustainable Digital Employee Services in Canada. Its unique hybrid Primary Care Platform integrates virtual and in-person care and enables members to access comprehensive and scalable physician and other health services across large geographic areas. Gotodoctor.ca already connects to an estimated a million Canadians through its online portal, virtual clinics in McKesson Canada’s pharmacies, in-person clinics, employers, and insurance partners. Together with its Service Engine data offerings, Gotodoctor.ca can consistently deliver the right service, faster access and at a lower cost for its employer, insurance and healthcare partners.

“Gotodoctor.ca already supports hundreds of thousands of employees with its virtual/in-person physician care and wait-time navigation services. The exclusive partnership with MORE Health in Canada enables Gotodoctor.ca to further expand our Digital Employee Services offerings,” said Tommy Cheung, CEO and President at Gotodoctor.ca. “We are thrilled that our members will now have additional options to access world-renowned specialists in Canada and US for second medical opinions when they face critical illnesses and disabilities.”

About Gotodoctor.ca

Gotodoctor.ca is a leading healthcare solutions company that operates in health facilities, senior living centers, and pharmacies across Canada. Its virtual clinics in pharmacies enhance the patient experience by creating an integrated and scalable care model to improve accessibility and patient outcomes. Gotodoctor.ca is supported by the renowned primary care clinic, Enhanced Care Clinic, which has also been the exclusive Preferred Provider of Physician and Medical Clinic Services for McKesson Retail Banner Group (over 2000 IDA, Guardian, Remedy’sR, and other independent pharmacies) since 2017. Gotodoctor.ca is a preferred provider for McKesson Retail Banner Group, Rexall, Green Benefits, Simply Benefits, and Manitoba Blue Cross members. For more information, visit www.gotodoctor.ca or email info@gotodoctor.ca. 

About MORE Health®
MORE Health is a global digital health company in California’s Silicon Valley. Since incorporating in 2013, MORE Health has helped patients on six continents. It continues its mission to provide clients and their members with access to the best medical minds in the world when they need it most—when facing a serious life-changing illness. Recognized as a leader in cross-border telemedicine, MORE Health delivers Expert Medical Opinions from world-leading specialists by pairing technology and world-class service. Offered as an employee benefit or on an individual self-pay basis, this service is available to groups of any size worldwide. For more information, visit morehealth.com or email sales@morehealth.com.