Arrow Benefits Group Partners with MORE Health to Provide Access to the Best Medical Minds in the World


A collaboration between Arrow Benefits Group and MORE Health, a medical second opinion and collaborative diagnosis service, now offers an indispensable medical opportunity for clients enrolled in Arrow group medical plans. They can now receive easy access to a second opinion when faced with making decisions regarding a serious, life-changing illness. MORE Health connects the patient’s attending doctors with one of their exceptional Physician Specialists to jointly develop a comprehensive collaborative diagnosis together with the optimum treatment plan. MORE Health Physician Specialists are recruited based on multiple criteria: expertise, research, publications, institutional associations, the empathy that they express towards patients, and their ability to look at the big picture when establishing a diagnosis. Arrow Benefits Group is the only North Bay provider of MORE Health services.

Not just a second opinion service, MORE Health offers a collaborative approach to diagnosis to deliver the most effective treatment plan possible. Patients don’t have to worry about interpreting multiple diagnoses, or sorting through competing treatment strategies, which provides peace of mind in critical situations. Sensitive to the need for speedy resolution, MORE Health guarantees delivery of this service within 5 business days of receiving the relevant medical records.

MORE Health Regional Vice President, Greg Smith, was working as a benefits consultant when he was first introduced to MORE Health. “I was so impressed with the company that I wanted to work with them immediately. Using their proprietary cloud-based physician collaboration platform, MORE Health connects patients with highly accredited physicians who have specialties in treating their illnesses. This allows patients access to physicians without having to travel or leave their personal doctor and network. It is offering the world's best health care options, when you need it most.” Arrow Benefits also offers this service to its own employees:

Case Study: Mari D. an Arrow Benefits Group employee experienced first-hand the “huge relief” MORE Health can provide to those navigating complicated medical issues. Suffering from a myriad of serious health issues, her husband consulted with many doctors and specialists, including cardiologists, urologists and brain surgeons. He also made multiple trips to emergency rooms and took a complicated cocktail of prescription medications. “We were frustrated, our primary care physician was frustrated, even the doctors at the ER were at their wits' end. We had tried everything they could think of and no one knew what to do next. We submitted a list of his doctors along with a signed permission form to MORE Health, and within days were contacted by a dedicated representative to help us navigate our options. This was at the end of November 2017. Two weeks later, we received a detailed two-page report from a highly-qualified doctor and professor at Columbia University. In it she recommended a very specialized test that we had been fighting to get, which was then approved by our insurance company because we had a qualified second opinion. To be able to have one place to have all the medical records dumped and reviewed was amazing; it was like one-stop shopping. After going from doctor to doctor for so long and not getting the help we needed, well... I would still be trying to get everything coordinated if I was trying to do it myself. Many times, we felt like giving up, but now we have hope for answers and see a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Arrow Managing Partner Stephen McNeil explains, “This program means direct access and communication with world-renowned medical specialists, and we are proud and excited to offer a unique employee benefit that both saves time and saves lives. When it comes to your health, every decision deserves a second expert opinion." In times of medical crisis patients often have to advocate for themselves, and navigate the complicated medical system, insurance quagmire, and treatment options alone during a time of physical illness and emotional turbulence. MORE Health ensures that patients have the correct diagnosis, minimizing any chance of error, and allows them to understand the best possible treatment options before making a decision on the best path forward, giving patients the peace of mind they so desperately need.


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