Gastrointestinal Disease

Initial Diagnosis

For over ten years, Elizabeth had been suffering severe abdominal pain caused
 by gastrointestinal diseases. Even though she had been to see several doctors, 
there had been no significant improvement.

MORE Health Co-Diagnosis Analysis

Her daughter arranged for her to receive an Independent Second Opinion from 
a MORE Health Physician Specialist. Elizabeth’s case was assigned to Dr. Francis
 Yao, Director of the Liver Transplant Program at UCSF Medical Center, a gastroenterologist.

MORE Health collected and organized Elizabeth’s medical records, including lab 
reports and radiology images, into our Physician Collaboration Platform. Dr. Yao
 reviewed Elizabeth’s medical information and determined that her medications had been incorrectly prescribed and her treatment regimen was not appropriate. He provided a new treatment and health maintenance plan, including adjusting her medications regimen and prescriptions.

The Outcome

Elizabeth soon saw improvement in her condition. Today her symptoms are manageable and she is able to enjoy an active life.

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