“MORE Health Physician Specialists are recruited based on multiple criteria; expertise, research, publications, institutional associations, the empathy that they express towards patients, and their ability to look at the big picture when developing a diagnosis.”
-Dr. Robert Warren, Chief Medical Consultant

Services for patients around the world include:

  • Remote Medical Second Opinion
  • Medical Travel Assistance and Concierge
  • Prodigy Fertility Video Consultations
  • Digital Health Solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Data Exchange
  • Medical Records Collection and Translation
Connecting Patients to Physicians Worldwide with our Collaborative Approach

Our collaborative approach to diagnosis puts the patient at the center of the process, so they can make the best decisions regarding their own healthcare. It offers all the benefits of a second opinion, while ensuring that the treating doctor and our expert Physician specialist are both on the same page, thus minimizing errors while also resolving any potential conflict regarding the diagnosis and treatment plan.

MORE Information for Patient Services

We work with patients around the globe with translation capabilities in up to 129 languages.

If you are an organization, hospital, global insurance company or a patient looking for information on remote medical second opinions, contact us today.

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MORE Health Physician Specialists are associated with
top medical institutions, such as: