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MORE Health’s mission is to offer you and your family access to the best medical minds in the world, exactly at the moment you need their experience: when you are faced with decisions regarding a serious, life-changing illness.

MORE Health, Inc. was created to bring this service to as many people as possible. We have brought together an elite group of Physician Specialists associated with many of the leading institutions such as Boston Children’s Hospital, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Cleveland Clinic and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Using our medical collaboration technology, you can securely review your medical history, test results and imaging, and together with your treating team deliver both a diagnosis and treatment plan.

This collaborative approach to diagnosis delivers the most effective second opinion possible, so you don’t have to worry about interpreting multiple diagnoses, or sorting through competing treatment strategies. It gives you and your family peace-of-mind at a very difficult time.

Specifically it offers you two clear benefits:

  • Ensures that you have the correct diagnosis and minimizes any chance of error
  • Allows you to understand the best possible treatment options, before making a decision on the best path forward
Patient Story
Dense Deposit Disease Treatment Plan Gives Higher Quality of Life
Prior to MORE Health

Bobby was diagnosed with suspected dense deposit disease (DDD), a rare genetic
 disease of the kidneys. 50% of children with DDD suffer kidney failure within 10 years.

DDD is exceptionally difficult to diagnose, and is mistaken for other rare kidney diseases 
in children. There is not yet a cure for DDD, the standard treatment is a combination of
 an immunosuppressant and a steroid. The limited data on this drug cocktail suggests that
 up to 30% of patients respond to the treatment.

Referred to MORE Health

MORE Health’s physicians Dr. Smith and Dr. Nester recommended keeping Bobby on the drug cocktail for two years while reducing the steroid dose by 5 fold. They would then test to see whether he had responded to the drug cocktail and could stop taking medication safely. Our medical experts also noted that in the event Bobby’s symptoms worsened, there is a new biologic therapy that may help save his life. This therapy is not approved for use in DDD or similar diseases. MORE Health regulary reviews clinincal trials under way in the United States and can facilitate requests for joining those trials.

Today, Bobby’s condition is well managed, and he is enjoying a higher quality of life with a lower steroid dose.

To protect patient privacy all patient stories use aliases.
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Collaborative Diagnosis Is the Answer

Our collaborative approach to diagnosis puts the patient at the center of the process, so they can make the best decisions regarding their own healthcare. It offers all the benefits of a second opinion, while ensuring that the treating doctor and our expert Physician Specialist are both on the same page, thus minimizing errors and any potential conflict regarding the diagnosis and treatment plan.

For International Patients

The problem of finding the best U.S. medical specialist, and then getting access to these physicians for their medical expertise when you are diagnosed with a serious illness, is significantly harder if you are outside the U.S.

However, MORE Health’s overseas patients can access the same incredibly high quality of service as our U.S. patients. They receive an authoritative medical report, which includes their diagnosis, together with a personalized treatment plan.

Our Overseas Co-Diagnosis® service is identical to the service in the U.S., but has these additional benefits and options:

  • Collection and translation of medical history, test results and medical imaging
  • Option for a permanent bilingual Electronic Health Record service
  • Option for advanced drug prescription and delivery
  • Option for concierge overseas treatment service

We have successfully helped many hundreds of patients from China with conditions such as:

  • Cancer, of which typically 60%-70% is lung cancer
  • Pediatric cases
  • Neurological conditions
  • Cardiac or Cerebrovascular disease

We are also finding that overseas tourists visiting the U.S., as well as the Chinese American community wishing to protect their families back in China, are very interested in MORE Health’s services.