The healthcare space is changing rapidly, and that includes vendors that service vital niche roles such as expert second opinions. That is where MORE Health shines. An expert second opinion can in some cases show that a less costly treatment path is the right one, or even that the diagnosis was wrong from the start.
-Keith McNeil, Arrow Benefits

MORE Than Just a Second Opinion

By offering MORE Health Benefit to your clients, you give them access to the best medical minds in the world, and by providing high-quality health outcomes they can reduce and control costs due to misdiagnosis, mistreatment and overtreatment.
Employee Benefit Success Story

Sue had suffered from epilepsy for many years. Recently her seizures had become more frequent, so she consulted with a neurologist recommended by her doctor, who performed a myriad of tests and concluded that the best approach was Gamma Knife surgery. Sue was concerned about the health effects of Gamma Knife surgery, in which beams of gamma radiation are used to treat brain lesions.

Sue activated her MORE Health Employee Benefit, and after a thorough review of Sue’s medical records, our Physician Specialist stated Gamma Knife surgery would be a critical mistake for Sue’s type of epilepsy and would post significant health risks without any corresponding benefits. Instead, Sue was able to undergo further observation to determine the appropriate medication for her epilepsy. Since beginning her new medication Sue has not experienced a seizure and was able to avoid a critical surgery and saved her Employer up to $46,293.

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