About Us

MORE Health’s mission is to offer you and your family access to the best medical minds in the world, exactly at the moment you need their experience; when you are faced with decisions regarding a serious, life-changing illness.

Initially delivered as a concierge service to private clients in China, our Chief Executive Officer, Hope Lewis, together with our Chief Technology Officer, Bo Hu, founded MORE Health, Inc. to offer this service to patients around the world. They brought together a world-class technical team to develop our cloud-based Physician Collaboration Platform™, then with our Chief Medical Consultant, Dr. Robert Warren, built our team of Physician Specialists; some of the best medical minds in areas such as oncology, neurology, cardiology and pediatrics.

Our vision is to become the virtual global hospital for serious illness, by providing the highest quality of diagnosis and treatment.

Hope’s Story:

“I refused to accept doctors giving up on a young child,” says Hope Lewis, who was working in China as an international finance attorney when her life took a turn. A client’s 18-month-old daughter was diagnosed with liver cancer, and physicians declared the case hopeless. But Lewis suspected that this verdict was the product of an overburdened system. She traveled to the United States and solicited opinions—and a treatment plan—from renowned oncologists.

Nearly a decade later, that little girl is alive, happy, and cancer-free.

To date, MORE Health has served thousands of individuals. More than 75 percent of those diagnosed with cancer—many of them children, and many told they had no hope—have received updated treatment plans and another chance at life. Lewis is transforming a system that denies the best care to the most vulnerable people. “Children shouldn’t have to come to the United States,” she says, “to have their lives returned to them.”